Business Storage

Heading -Grow your Business not your overheads

  • Use our facility as a distribution centre for your business.
  • Need storage for sales reps or Merchandisers.
  • Are you a startup business?.
  • No long term contracts- Pay by the month.
  • Use our facility as a distribution centre for your business.

    Whether you are looking for long term archive storage or short term storage for seasonal stock, with over 60 secure units to choose from, we have the right storage for your business.


Benefits Of Using Self-Storage For Business Owners

Most businesses use these facilities to keep their items whenever they need the services. Some of the storage options in these facilities include:

  • Emergency storage e.g. in case of storm and fire.
  • Relocation of office furniture and storing stock.
  • Seasonal stock storage e.g. during Christmas.
  • Storing business stock overflow.
  • Storing products and samples.
  • Home office storage.
  • Storing archives.

It is cheaper to rent a storage unit and keep all your items rather than renting out an extra office or room.
To make use of the available space in the storage unit, you can use shelves which increase a number of items you can store in a single unit.
These units are very secure as none of the paperwork and equipment can get lost or stolen while in the unit. These facilities are also made with fire safety in mind.
The premises are manned all through reducing the chance of having unauthorized people entering the facility.